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End of Iteration Four

Posted in Other by Shawn on July 22, 2011

Well, #4 is now over. I wonder how I did.

I started out with nine tasks, but nights of thinking before bed brought me to 18 tasks, two of which are still currently open. One of them is actually from the cookie jar (things that are not necessary, but would be cool/nice to include), so that makes me a bit happy. What happened this iteration?

Well, a lot of structure. In the previous build that I had deployed, I linked levels together with a basic screen. Actually, when the game started, you brought to a simple page with a blue background, which contained eight buttons, representing the eight levels included in the build. It was also the same screen you saw after beating a level, which allowed you to jump around from one level to another. It worked, but it was really only intended for this specific build so people could play different levels. The final game will be a bit different. After you beat a level, you are given the option to move on to the next level, or to go back to the level hub (Oh, there’s a level hub, and a world hub as well). On the level hub, you can pick one of the 20 levels within the world, or the boss level, if you actually unlocked the boss. In order to unlock the boss, you will need to beat a certain number of levels within the world. Oh, and beating the boss unlocks the next world. Basic game stuff, more or less.

New animations were included all over. The world hub has animations for mousing over icons, the level hubs have animations for the level buttons, and there’s a pretty fun (for me at least) animation when you unlock a boss. At the end of the level, a few options pop up, two of which are the aforementioned options of back to hub or next level. I also have a few stat details showing up as well. Everyone loves stats, right? Right now, I am tracking a lot of information, and I’m using them in various places. However, I will eventually compile them all into one page so the player can see things such as how many times you led the character to death, or how many moves moves you set on a level. I’ll probably also be able to include in-game challenges, such as “beat this level in ‘x’ amount of moves’.

When looking forwarding to next iteration, I think about how I really want to focus on moving along with World One levels. This means creating more art and more levels. Iteration 5 has only three issues in there as of now, but by the end of tomorrow, there will hopefully to include more than that. I really want to work towards something that more people enjoy!

But that’s it for now. I have new traps that I haven’t even used yet. Need to be fair, right?

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